Whale Battle

Basic terms

NFT (non-fungible token) - unique non-fungible digital key based on cryptocurrency. The NFT cannot be destroyed or replaced with another such token. It is a kind of certificate of the uniqueness and uniqueness of any digital object. Within the Whales Battle Universe, NFTs are playable characters, various in-game artifacts.
$WLB (game token) - A token that is earned by players during the game. The token is also required for PVP battles between players. And also to buy game attributes and upgrade your whale.
PvP - battles between players
PvE - story battles and quests against the computer
Whale Booster - a special artifact that gives you the opportunity to continue playing for a whale that is on temporary rest. Purchased for $WLB tokens.
Extra Battles - additional game in PVE mode. Purchased for $WLB tokens.
Safe me - a special artifact that gives you the opportunity to continue playing for the whale, after an unsuccessful answer. It is possible to use it 1 time during one game. Available only in PVE mode.
Tourney Pool - A pool that collects small commissions for PVP battles. These awards will be shared by the top 30 players for the week in PVP mode.
Tourney - Tournaments are available for everyone in PVE and PVP modes. Each tournament has its own rewards and time limits.
Quests - tasks in PvE mode, for which the player receives a reward. These tasks will appear once a week.
Marketplace - place for buying, selling and exchanging in-game resources, artifacts and other in-game values. All transactions on the market are carried out for the $WLB token. All transactions are subject to a commission, which goes to the general fund of the game.