Whale Battle


In PVP mode, you can fight with other players and prove your superiority in mathematical abilities and reaction speed!
It is also a great way to earn additional $WLB tokens.
Do not forget that in this mode you can lose your $WLB tokens. We advise you to practice in PVE mode first.
Before the game starts, each player makes a bet in $WLB tokens.
In this mode, there are no additional artifacts, using which you can continue the game. You have only 2 attempts to show the best result. You need to focus and show the best result!
The most suitable opponent is selected for you, who made a similar bet and the level of his whale coincides with yours.
After the start of the game, you have 2 attempts to show the highest result! Your task is to get as many correct answers as possible to get ahead of your opponent.
The winner who gets the most correct answers takes all the $WLB tokens and pays a 2% commission, which is sent to the Tourney Pool.
There is only one tournament in PVP mode. Weekly PVP Tourney. With each fight, tokens in the amount of $WLB are added to this tournament. The top 30 players who have earned the most wins will share this prize pool among themselves.