Whale Battle



Online entertainment is an extremely competitive industry, with monopolistic companies competing for your information, attention, and money. Several of these companies have adopted gamification techniques to retain users and keep them interested. This is done in many ways, whether it is accumulating more points by running the extra mile with AppleWatch or gaining levels on your favorite shopping app to chase the next big coupon & bonus points. Using all these systems, apps and features are designed to increase retention and keep you curious for what's to come.‌
However we have also seen quite the opposite where traditional industries are being integrated into games such as Tetris and others famous and fundamental games, rewarding players for burn new lines and be more higher and higher among players against one another to see who is the best player in the world.‌
Yet with all the time and money spent by the user, the rewards are simply not enough creating an imbalance. Where the company always has the upper hand and extracts every single dollar they possibly can from the user, which leaves them with next to nothing. At the beginning 2021 players spent over $45 billion USD on games, with the very same users receiving a shocking $0 in return.
Before the game would be launched, $WLB holders may choose to stake $WLB to access the liquidity mining program.
The purpose of the liquidity mining program is to distribute $WLB to platform community members to:
1) achieve a distributed holding of $WLB tokens across more of the Whales Battle community,
2) incentivise new people to participate in the Whales Battle community,
3) to enable a more liquid and transparent market for the trading and earn of $WLB.
Once the game world is launched, users can stake $WLB as a signal of belief and support in the platform and its governance model and receive access to governance and distributions from in-game fees.

We are using DeFi concept!

The primary goal of the project is to create a decentralised game that can run autonomously. Over the last 1,5 year and more 3 years before as DApps, and particularly in the last six month, DeFi apps have seen impressive growth and rapid development. The DeFi’s market is growing fast and can show more then $28B USD in value in this year.
We strongly believe a decentralised gaming world and economy provides the best fusion between crypto/blockchain/DAO enthusiasts and gamers looking for open access devoid of corporate interference and we see that the real world has some differents with decentralized world and we are creating tools for join them in optimized and very unique thing.

Game Overview

Whale Battle is a free P2E online game powered by DeFi x NFT and blockchain technology.
Our main task is not only that our players will earn. We want our players to develop. The whole process of the game is based on solving mathematical puzzles. Solve them and develop your mental abilities and reaction.
The world of Whale Battle is huge! Everyone can find something to their liking in it. Some of you will decide to participate in battles for rewards and develop your whales in order to sooner or later fight with the best of the best in PVP mode and take part in the tournament. Someone will choose the path of an adventurer or become a famous merchant, pumping their whales and selling them on the marketplace.

Basic terms

NFT (non-fungible token) - unique non-fungible digital key based on cryptocurrency. The NFT cannot be destroyed or replaced with another such token. It is a kind of certificate of the uniqueness and uniqueness of any digital object. Within the Whales Battle Universe, NFTs are playable characters, various in-game artifacts.
$WLB (game token) - A token that is earned by players during the game. The token is also required for PVP battles between players. And also to buy game attributes and upgrade your whale.
PvP - battles between players
PvE - story battles and quests against the computer
Whale Booster - a special artifact that gives you the opportunity to continue playing for a whale that is on temporary rest. Purchased for $WLB tokens.
Extra Battles - additional game in PVE mode. Purchased for $WLB tokens.
Safe me - a special artifact that gives you the opportunity to continue playing for the whale, after an unsuccessful answer. It is possible to use it 1 time during one game. Available only in PVE mode.
Tourney Pool - A pool that collects small commissions for PVP battles. These awards will be shared by the top 30 players for the week in PVP mode.
Tourney - Tournaments are available for everyone in PVE and PVP modes. Each tournament has its own rewards and time limits.
Quests - tasks in PvE mode, for which the player receives a reward. These tasks will appear once a week.
Marketplace - place for buying, selling and exchanging in-game resources, artifacts and other in-game values. All transactions on the market are carried out for the $WLB token. All transactions are subject to a commission, which goes to the general fund of the game.


Every day each player is given 5 free games for PVE mode.
You can make more games by using Extra Battles.
For each correct answer during the game, you get 1 experience point. Accumulate these experience points to improve your whale.
During the game, $WLB will randomly appear on your way. To earn money, you need to collect them.
Pumping your whale, you will get extra time, as well as chances to get additional $WLB tokens.
After an unsuccessful answer, your game ends. High levels of whales have a chance to continue the game after an unsuccessful answer.
Also, a special artifact "Safe me" is available for players, which makes it possible to continue the game after an unsuccessful answer. It can be used only once during one game.
Each player, while playing, automatically takes part in tournaments and has a chance to receive additional rewards.​
Dayli PVE Tourney - Players who scored more correct answers to math problems during one day receive additional rewards.There are several nominations for awards:
1 - Not Extra Battles. This category includes those games that have not used this feature throughout the day, that is, they have made only 5 free games per day. The winners will be the top 20 players with the highest number of correct answers. The reward pool of this nomination is smaller than the next one.
2 - Use Extra Battles. Players who have used additional games during the day. The winners will be the top 20 players with the highest number of correct answers.​​
Weekly PVE Tourney - this tournament has no nominations. But his prize pool is much larger than the daily ones. There will be a total of 10 winners who scored the best points during one week. They will share the prize rewards. You will need to try very hard to get as many correct answers in the game as possible and get into the top of the best players.


In PVP mode, you can fight with other players and prove your superiority in mathematical abilities and reaction speed!
It is also a great way to earn additional $WLB tokens.
Do not forget that in this mode you can lose your $WLB tokens. We advise you to practice in PVE mode first.
Before the game starts, each player makes a bet in $WLB tokens.
In this mode, there are no additional artifacts, using which you can continue the game. You have only 2 attempts to show the best result. You need to focus and show the best result!
The most suitable opponent is selected for you, who made a similar bet and the level of his whale coincides with yours.
After the start of the game, you have 2 attempts to show the highest result! Your task is to get as many correct answers as possible to get ahead of your opponent.
The winner who gets the most correct answers takes all the $WLB tokens and pays a 2% commission, which is sent to the Tourney Pool.
There is only one tournament in PVP mode.
There is only one tournament in PVP mode. Weekly PVP Tourney. With each fight, tokens in the amount of $WLB are added to this tournament. The top 30 players who have earned the most wins will share this prize pool among themselves.


$WLB - The main token of the Whales Battle game​
Token Supply
100% TGE
1-year lockup* followed by a 24-month linear release
30% TGE. 1-year lockup* followed by a 6-month linear release
100% TGE
1-year lockup* followed by a 12-month linear release


Whales Battle Council

The genesis of the Whales Battle project was a desire to make a collectible NFT game that was open, transparent, and governed by the community. Here we outline the mechanism by which the community of $WLB holders will govern and maintain the protocol, via the Whale Battle Council, and what types of changes can be proposed.


To elect council members, holders of $WLB have the ability to nominate an individual for a council seat as well as delegate their vote to a nominee. Candidates for council members must be proposed before the due date of the event, followed by a formal voting period. The mvDAO will then collate all proposed members from the Whale Battle Voting Channel and calculate results.(The "mvDAO" is our initial governance model and is subject to change. We strive to implement the best models of decentralised governance).

Quadratic Voting

This mechanism will be utilised to reduce the voting power of large $WLB holders and reduce plutocracy. This system is used successfully by a number of other protocols and used within Grants and we believe it is the fairest way to weight votes.

Specification Overview

There are two major components of the new governance system:The Whale Battle Council will consist of nominees who are voted in by the $WLB token holders, enabling the influence of community representatives who are able to debate and distill technical changes while also not directly providing large $WLB holders a disproportionate voting weight in the outcome of proposals.


There will be situations where changes to the $WLB council will need to be decided. Any meta-governance proposals will need to be unanimously decided.


Q3 2022

  • Initial idea
  • Team building

Q4 2022

  • Team expansion
  • Landing page and concepts
  • Whale Battle concept development
  • First game code prototype
  • Seed and private token sale launch

Q1 2023

  • Seed and private token sale launch
  • White paper and tokenomics presentation
  • Website development
  • Working on the game
  • Public sale and IDO

Q2 2023

  • Detailed gameplay explainer video
  • Smart contracts audit
  • Listing on DEFI Exchange
  • Game beta
  • Staking launch
  • Mint Whales NFT

Q3 2023

  • Listing on centralized exchanges
  • Bounty program launch
  • Developing attributes for a whale
  • In-game marketplace launch
  • Launching Whale Battle on the website
  • Launching tournaments

Q4 2023

  • Mobile App for Android and iOS
  • Franchise program launch
  • Game ecosystem extension
  • Meta governance launch
  • Expansion of PvE mode
  • Mobile version update
  • Desktop versions for Mac, Windows and Linux launch
  • Quests and missions in PvE mode
  • Special missions in PvE mode

Q1 2024

  • Coming Soon